I’m Not Senile. I’ve Always Been Insane.

The Devorian

Time is a warping juggernaut. Age, its ill-begotten offspring.

Perhaps you’ve felt it, my dear. Perhaps you’ve felt the weariness, the aching in the bones; the strange sensation that somewhere within you, an audible tick, tick, ticking can be heard, marking every last second. I’ve only just realized: the ticking has always been there, the only difference is that it now has grown loud enough for my ears to perceive.

It’s enough to drive a man insane.

I was born October 19th, 1943. I have known life, in all its grim glory, I have known fear, I have known despair. These elements have shaped me, weathered me. I cannot begin to tell you all the ways I have had to change myself. Devore, of course, is not merely who I am now, but a compilation of who I have been. Strange, but the truth nonetheless.

Here I am now, in…

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