March Fades To Oblivion …

… Yet the madness lingers on.

From the ensuing juvenility of the Republican candidacy, to the attacks in Brussels on Tuesday, it’s been an eventful past month – and it’s only the 24th, my dears.

I’m not going to be one of the archetypal old coots, standing on my front porch and shouting at passerby about the rapid deterioration of our world,” And just what the hell is wrong with today’s youth?”. Mainly because I don’t believe those are valid concepts, to be perfectly candid. The problems of today really aren’t so foreign to the ones of the 50’s and 60’s. The youth of today aren’t really depraved as the youngsters of the 80’s. They only seem different because, like all potent viruses, they have evolved to accommodate the times. It is a creeping madness, to be sure, but it has plagued us since man took his first breath of air (much cleaner back then, I’d wager).

Neither do I condone what is happening – what has been happening. These tragedies are terrible and unnecessary. But, if I may pose a question: Does anybody believe that these things could ever truly stop? Does anyone believe in a utopic society? The liars, the cheaters, the rapists, the killers … they will continue their existence. They are human. They are neighbors. They are friends.

They are us.

What can we do?

March Madness isn’t confined to one month, my dears, it is the summa of our life.



  1. dearlilyjune · March 25, 2016

    Isn’t that the terrifying truth.

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