Paradise Forsaken



Like ancient blood dripping ‘cross the shattered

Frothing sea of glass, high above my head

I saw the painted plea. The author of

Such simple eloquence a soul long-lost

To the silent war versus fearsome foe

A mortal  disease, life-bereft virus

Gorging the veins of man, Her name Apathy.

Ill-gotten doppelganger to Emotion.

Her dark domain a grave umbra stretching

The world ’round, causing the sapient race

To retire from care and regard of

All but for their own and moral nature

Trapped deep within that which conjures from

Fondled grasp a muted light unshining.

Yet today Her numb touch could not be felt

By me, transcending the clinical gaze

As the tears slip gently to fall upon

The gray and placid form in my embrace.

My only seed, my beloved daughter

Like beloved mother before, stolen

Untimely from life (and me) on the wings

Of the pernicious Reaper, who watches

With a sickle of a smile the loss

Of all my life’s worth, that I could not save.

Slowly the world begins to crash and burn

Yet I alone am aware and aflame

With grief and all the while ignored by

My unattached neighbor passing me by

We are all alone now in this dim void

Staggering through our paradise forsaken.


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