The Psychological State of Writers(?)

I would like to pose a question, my dears:

A loved one once said to me that ‘writers like to twist things in their minds’. Naturally, I denied this, since it was at my expense that this was being said. However, I later began to brood over the possible accuracy of this statement. Do we indeed ‘twist’, is that how the gears in our minds grind? Or is this mistaking creativity for something else?

Feel free to give your own perspective. I truly would like to know, especially from those whom this statement is directed.


  1. Darren Lipman · February 15, 2016

    I think it’s true, that writers twist things–but it’s not necessarily a maniacal endeavor, but simply the act of metaphor: to say your smile possesses the brightness of the moon twists white teeth into celestial bodies, but itself has no derogatory power. Your question actually reminds me of Tolkien’s “On Fairy Stories,” an essay he wrote discussing the importance and structure of fantasy (as a broad genre); in it he speaks of creating a Secondary World “with images of things that are not only ‘not actually present,’ but which are indeed not to be found in our primary world at all, or are generally believed not to be found there”–this is, precisely, the same “twisting things” your friend mentioned.

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    • Devore · February 15, 2016

      Indeed… I believe Tolkien had something there. Then again, he always was wonderfully astute in that manner.

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